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Evo-RO Dico20



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Puris, Evo-RO & ROP Water System




Puris, Evo-RO & ROP Water System 1 Dio-PackI
?1 Dio-UV Lamp (UV Model)
?1 Dio-PackII
?1 Dio UF Pack (UF Model)
?1 Final Filter, 0.2?
?TOC Monitor (TOC Model)
?PH Sensor (PH Model)

– They produce Types ? and ?, ? grade water, and the produced
water can be utilized for formulating microbe culturing media, final
rinsing of experimental equipment and materials, thermohygrostats,
sterilizers, and as feeding water for ultra-pure water producing
– The 4.3″-wide graphic display enables identification of pure water
quality, filter pack utilization condition, level of storage tank, etc.

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