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Exgene Blood SV



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ExgeneTM Blood SV kit provides a simple and rapid method for the isolation of total DNA from fresh or frozen whole blood, buffy coat, serum, plasma, virus and cultured cells. Purification procedure is so simple and
optimized to simultaneous processing of multiple samples. ExgeneTM Blood SV yields pure DNA ready for direct PCR in just 20 minutes (mini) and 1 hour (Midi / MAXI). There is no need phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation.

Features and Benefits

? Spin or vacuum column format
? Accurate and consistent DNA extraction from whole blood, buffy coat, serum, plasma,cultured cells
? Instant use : No need of additional materials
? Fast, safe and simple procedure completed in 20 minutes (mini), 1 hour (Midi, MAXI)
? High purity : 1.8 ~ 2.0
? No use of organic solvents
? Ready for use in PCR, southern blotting and other enzymatic reactions

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