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Soil DNA Mini




ExgeneTM Soil DNA mini provides a convenient method for the isolation of total DNA from soil samples. This kit utilizes the powerful beads, the optimized buffer system and the advanced silica binding technology to
purify nucleic acid suitable for many applications. These complex systems of this kit can deal with a number of different types of samples in the soil including plant tissues, bacteria, fungi spores and others. Also, it removes a humic acid contents and other PCR inhibitors from various soil samples efficiently. The humic acid contents which is a sort of brownish colour, is a critical factor for soil treating experiments. If remained in eluate, this can have a negative effect on the DNA downstream applications.
ExgeneTM Soil DNA mini provides a tube including powerful beads for strong pulverization. Soil samples are placed in this tube with lysis buffer, buffer SL, and crushed by bead-beater or vortex. After centrifugation,
supernatant is mixed with precipitation buffer, buffer RH and buffer PD, to precipitate humic acid and protein. Then, the separated DNA part, supernatant, blend into the binding buffer, buffer TB, and DNA is bound
on the silica membrane through centrifugation. Following washing step with buffer NW, the bound DNA is eluted by buffer EB. Purified DNA can be directly applicable in conventional PCR, restriction analysis, electrophoresis and any other downstream applications.

Features and Benefits

? Glassfiber membrane technology
? Sample size : Up to 500 mg
? Easy and fast purification of high-quality DNA
? Preparation time : ~ 25 minutes
? Efficient lysis step using PowerbeadTM tube
? Perfect removal of humic acid
? Stable and consistent yield
? No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation
? High purity : ready for the conventional and real-time PCR

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