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Exgene Tissue SV



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ExgeneTM Tissue SV kit provides a simple and rapid method for the isolation of total DNA from animal tissues and cultured cells. This kit can process 25 mg (mini) of wet tissue and yields up to 50 ? (mini) depending
on the type of sample used. Specially formulated buffer system minimize RNA copurified with DNA without RNase A treatment. If RNA-free genomic DNA is required, RNase A can be treated with. No organic extraction and alcohol precipitation are needed and multiple samples can be easily processed simultaneously. ExgeneTM Tissue SV plus! offers additional material and method for DNA purification from whole blood.

Features and Benefits

? Spin or vacuum column format
? Accurate and consistent DNA extraction from animal tissues, cultured cell line and whole blood (plus! only)
? Instant use : No need of additional materials
? Simple and safe procedure
? High purity : 1.8 ~ 2.0
? No use of organic solvents
? Ready for use in PCR, southern blotting, AFLP, RFLP, RAPD and other enzymatic reactions

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