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ExgeneTM Genomic DNA Micro



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Genomic DNA Micro (Mini)




ExgeneTM Genomic DNA micro kit provides fast and easy methods for the micro scale purification of total (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA from various biological samples. Purified DNA can be used directly for PCR, quantitative PCR, genotyping such as STR analysis and other downstream applications.
ExgeneTM Genomic DNA micro utilizes the advanced silica-binding technology to purify total DNA sufficiently pure for many applications. Various samples are lysed in optimized buffer containing detergents and lytic enzyme. Under high salt condition, DNA in the lysate bind to silica membrane and impurities pass through membrane into a collection tube. The membranes are washed with a series of alcohol-containing buffer to remove any traces of proteins, cellular debris and salts. Finally pure DNA is released into a clean collection tube with deionized water or low ionic strength buffer.

Features and Benefits

? Spin column format
? Apply to trace of sample : use of micro column
? Simple and safe procedure
? Stable and consistent result
? Instant use : No need of additional materials
? No use of organic solvents
? High yield and purity
? Various protocol for forensic sample : stain, chewing gum, cigarette butts, tooth brush
? Ready for use in general PCR, qPCR, genotyping such as STR analysis and other downstream applications

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