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GenEx Plant Sx



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GenEx Plant Sx 100mg




enExTM Plant kit provides an easy and convenient method for the isolation of total DNA from various plant samples without use of toxic chemical such as phenol or chloroform. This kit has a specially formulated
solution format and enables the scalable preparation of almost intact size DNA. Especially when purifying DNA from plant, the removal of secondary metabolites is very important because contamination of these impurities can lead to inhibition of downstream application. The optimized buffer system adopted in this kit can facilitate the removal of contaminants, such as second metabolites and other impurities. Purified DNA can be applied directly to PCR, blotting, restriction enzyme assay and other downstream applications.
GenExTM Plant plus! kit has an additional feature, EzSepTM filter column. With certain plant samples, it is very difficult to separate cleared supernatant from pelletal debris at a protein precipitation stage. This
problem also appears often when large starting sample and it may be due to low density of debris and/or low centrifugal force with conventional centrifuge. EzSepTM filter column included in the plus! kit is the device to
solve this problem and reover it decreases the preparation time also.

Features and Benefits

? Specially formulated buffer system
? DNA preparation from various plant sampls
? Recovery of very high molecular weight DNA
? Rescalable preparation depending on sample amount
? No organic extraction
? High purity : ready for PCR, Southern blotting and other downstream applications
? Simple separation of supernatant by EzSepTM filter (plus! only)Buffer system

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