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GenEx Tissue Lx



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GenEx Tissue Lx 10ml




GenExTM Series provide convenient methods for the isolation of total DNA from various biological samples without use of toxic chemical such as phenol or chloroform. These kits utilize the specially formulated buffer
system in order to process the sample scalably and obtain the almost intact size of genomic DNA. Extracted genomic DNA can be applied directly to PCR, southern blotting and restriction enzyme assay and other downstream applications.

GenExTM Series can be used for :
GenExTM Blood – Whole blood or blood derivatives
GenExTM Cell – Cultured cells or gram negative bacteria
GenExTM Tissue – Animal tissues

Features and Benefits

? Specially formulated buffer system
? DNA preparation from diverse sample; whole blood, cultured cell, yeast, bacteria, animal tissue and etc.
? Recovery of very high molecular weight DNA
? Rescalable preparation depending on sample amount
? No organic extraction
? High purity : ready for PCR, southern blotting and other downstream applications

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