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Equipo mas bloques Opcionales B9602/96X0.2 ml- B5405/54X0.5 ml- B3515/35X1.5 ml- B3520/35X2.0 ml- BM02051520/32X0.2 ml+15X0.5 ml +9X1.5 ml+6X2.0 ml,Customizable




Specifications of eICE4 Electronic Ice Box
Optional blocks size B9602/96*0.2 ml B5405/54*0.5 ml B3515/35*1.5 ml B3520/35*2.0 ml
BM02051520/32*0.2 ml+15*0.5 ml+9*1.5 ml+6*2.0 ml Customizable
Preset temperature 4°C,Fixed.
Automatically cool down and keep at 4°C when power switch on.
Cooling time Lower to 4°C from the room temperature
?10 min [ B9602,B5405 ]
?14 min [ B3515,3520,BM02051520 ]
Temperature uniformity ?±1°C
Temperature accuracy ?±0.5°C
Cooling mode Peltier technology
Dimension L*W*H Product size: 192*160*156mm Carton size: 196*163*164mm
Weight Net weight: ?2.1 kg Gross weight: ?3.2kg
Power input DC24V 60W (Adapter: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.3-0.6A)

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