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Mobile PCR Lab

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Include:eQ162CP?Mini Centrifuge and common consumbles




– Wide Applicability

1)Functionality: the number of channels is optional, up to 4 channels
2)Reagent opening: The mobile lab can match 1 to 4 channel nucleic acid detection kits of any manufacturer which certified by the Ministry of Agriculture;
3) Wide applicability: Applicable to various fields such as food safety, animal disease prevention, aquaculture, pet medical treatment, etc.

– Accurate and Quick
It takes only 40 minutes to determine the samples which will be negative or positive (The reaction time depends on the program procedure which limited by the different reagent companies).

– High Cost Performance
1)The Lab detection performance is comparable to the big device, but the price enjoys the portable devices.
2) Equipment and consumables are all included completely, nothing to purchase separately at all.
3) It can be used with all kinds of quantitative detection reagents and various industries
4) The eQ16C/eQ162CP/eQ164CP machine has built-in ultraviolet (UV) degradation function, which reduces the risk of aerosol pollution effectively.

– Service and Guarantee
1) The PCR instrument is equipped with a professional operation video and a quick operation manual.
2) EASTWIN will provide professional on-site installation and technical guidance to customers.
3) EASTWIN will provide the matched reagents or recommend some optimized suppliers who had the qualification and certification to produce or provide the reagents, to customers.

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