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qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit

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cDNA Synthesis




*Unbiased representation of 5’ and 3’ mRNA transcript ends
*Sensitive detection of low copy number transcripts
*High cDNA yields from as little as 4.0pg total RNA
*Simple 2 tube system
The qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit uses the latest developments in reverse transcriptase technology and buffer chemistry to enhance cDNA synthesis speed and yield with accurate transcript representation. The reverse transcriptase, buffer system and combination of random hexamers with anchored oligo(dT) allow for unbiased, efficient, sensitive cDNA synthesis.
High quality cDNA synthesis for downstream qPCR analysis is essential for successful expression studies. Many factors affect cDNA synthesis including the reverse transcripase, buffer systems, enhancers and priming strategy. The PCRBIO cDNA synthesis mix removes the need for user optimisation of these critical factors.
The modified MMLV reverse transcriptase (RTase) is both thermostable and extremely active. The enzyme is blended with RNase inhibitor preventing degradation of RNA by contaminating RNase.
The RTase is not inhibited by ribosomal and transfer RNAs, total RNA is an ideal substrate. The 5x cDNA synthesis mix can be used with 4.0pg to 0.1?g total RNA or 0.2pg to 2.0?g of oligo(dT) purified mRNA. The relative concentrations of random hexamers and anchored oligo(dT) have been optimised for the generation of cDNA for use in real-time PCR experiments.

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