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Thermal Cycler ETC821 96/384 Mustras

Código ETC821 96/38 Categorias ,

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Shaking incubator Not refrigerate Ambient 5+-65 ºC




asic Parameters of ETC821
1 Model ETC821 ETC821-384 ETC821-***
2 Blocks 0.2ml*96 wells, Aluminum 384 wells, Aluminum In-situ or flat
3 Matching Consumables 96 Microplate(non-skirt/semi-skirt, except full skirt)
Single/8-strip/12-strip tubes (tall/short tubes, flat/dome tubes) 384 Microplate Customizable
4 Input power 100-240V~50/60Hz,600VA
5 Dimension (L*W*H) Product size: 427*288*227mm Carton size:540*450*385mm
6 Weight Net Weight: 9.7kg Gross weight: 14.5kg

Block thermal performance of ETC821
7 Temperature control accuracy <=±0.1°C
8 Block temperature precision <=±0.1°C
9 Block temperature uniformity <=±0.3°C@55°C
10 Max. ramp rate ?5°C/s
11 Avg. ramp rate ?2°C/s
12 Temperature Control Technology 3 Peltier independently control. Distributed auxiliary heating on block edge.

Features of ETC821
13 Block control mode Tube (Reagent volume setting) / Block.
14 Block temperature range 0-105°C
15 Hot lid temperature range 30-105°C, ON/OFF
16 Time setting range 1s-9h0m0s, “?”means forever
17 Auto hot lid Yes. Auto setting temperature of the hot lid according to the PCR parameter.
18 Real-time curve Yes. Display dynamic temperature curve of block and hot lid.
19 Gradient range/span 12 columns of gradient/30-99°C/1-42°C, just set the leftmost and rightmost column temperatures, others are auto computed.
20 Temperature touch down Yes. ±0.1~±10°C/Cycle
21 Time touch down Yes. ±1~±120s/Cycle
22 Waiting for operating Yes. Auto pause and hold temperature waiting for user operation according to program.
23 Cycles setting range 1-150X, Non cross dual nest loops can be set.
24 Adjustable ramp rate Yes. 0.1-3.5°C/s
25 Step setting range 1-100
26 Memory capacity Max 1000 folders, each folder includes max 1000 files.
27 Wizard template Yes. The wizard template guides editing and prompt errors.

File management of ETC821
28 Administrator Create user account, set password, software upgrade, system reset.
29 Guest No password
30 User Create accounts as needed. Data will be protected independently.
31 Read-only protection Yes. File name suffix # makes files read-only.
32 Run log and export Yes. Including programs, running time,status, can be exported as quality records.
33 Run history Yes
34 Editing during runtime Yes. Other applications can be edited during run.
35 File template Provide programmable templates.
36 USB interface Yes. Files can be imported / exported with one click. Easy exchange files between PCR machines. Software upgrade.

More features of ETC821
37 Display 7 “WVGA 64000, LED backlight, high sensitive touch screen.
38 User friendly interface Yes. Dynamic temperature and color background, animation running status, breathing light indication, buzzing prompt.
39 Screen lock For big users, in order to prevent the machine from being misoperated by others in the experiment, the operator can lock the screen and then enter with the passward.
40 Easy interfaces switch Simple main interface, operating interface, dynamic curve interface and engineering interface.
41 Inhibit Non-specific amplification Yes. Before running the cycle program,the block is cooled to 10°C until the hot lid temperature get set value during hot lid warming up.
42 Tube mode Yes. Precise control according to reagents volume.
43 Adaptive lid Auto adaptation to various heights of tubes (high/low/flat top/dome tubes).
44 Smart gradient Yes. Dynamic power control ensures that the temperature of each column reaches the target simultaneously.
45 Self-test when power on Yes
46 Auto report after running Yes
47 Self-diagnosis and report Yes
48 Soaking after running Yes. The lowest soaking temperature is 0°C.
49 Memory function of power-down Yes
50 Total time / Remain time prediction Yes
51 Peltier life warning Yes, assess Peltier’s health status automatically and give maintenance suggestions.
52 Screen calibration Yes
53 Block temperature calibration Yes. Engineering mode only.
54 Key tone On/off
55 Screen brightness adjustment Yes
56 System Including system configuration, self-test, factory setting, software upgrade, engineering interface (Engineering mode only).
57 Help Product features, software features, quick guides, error codes, contact information.
58 Interface language Chinese / English switch freely.
59 WeChat Service Yes. User can contact us by sending photos to WeChat when errors occur.
Due to the different weights of 384 block, in-situ block, and flat block, the temperature parameters are slightly different. Please refer to user manual for details.

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