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Stool SV Mini




GeneAll ExgeneTM Stool DNA mini kit provides a convenient method for the isolation of total DNA from stool samples. This kit utilizes a double binding procedure using the optimized buffer system and the advanced silica binding technology to purify nucleic acid suitable for many applications. Through this method, the contained impurities in the starting stool samples are removed so that high quality DNA can be purified from host and microbial cells. The stool samples can be applied up to 200 mg per prep and this procedure can be completed in 25 minutes. This procedure is started with homogenization and lysis steps. The lysate is applied to EzPassTM filter and then the stool DNA is eluted by centrifugation, the first binding step.
After the first elution, the eluate is mixed with DNA binding buffer and the stool DNA is bound on the silica membrane. Following washing step, the bound DNA is eluted by elution buffer, the second elution. Purified DNA can be directly applicable in conventional PCR, rescriction analysis, electrophoresis, and any other downstream applications

Features and Benefits

– Stable and consistent DNA extraction from stool samples
– Sample size : Up to 200 mg
– Spin column format
– Purification of high-quality DNA by the use of EzPassTM filter column
– Stable and consistent yield
– No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation
– Ready for use in PCR, restriction analysis, electrophoresis, and any other downstream applications

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