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Expin Combo GP



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? GeneAll ExpinTM Combo GP kit (PCR/GEL) mini




ExpinTM Combo GP kit is the combined product of ExpinTM Gel SV and ExpinTM PCR SV. It contains not only buffer GB required for Gel SV but also buffer PB for PCR SV, so the procedure can be chosen as user?s need. No organic extraction and alcohol precipitation are needed and multiple samples can be easily processed simultaneously. Purified DNA is ready for automated sequencing, cloning, in vitro transcription, microarray and other enzymatic reaction.

Features and Benefits

? Spin and vacuum format – rapid and convenient procedure
? DNA purification from agarose gel and enzymatic reactions
? Stable and consistent result
? High yield and purity
? Instant use : No need of additional materials
? No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation
? Ready for use in cloning, automated sequencing, in vitro transcription, labeling, microarray, hybridization
and other enzymatic reactions

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