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Expin PCR SV



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? GeneAll ExpinTM PCR SV mini




ExpinTM PCR SV kit provides fastest and easiest method for reliable purification of DNA from PCR products or other enzymatic reaction mixtures without agarose gel electrophoresis. In this kit, glass fiber membrane is
used to recover DNA of 100 bp to 10 kb, which is free of primer dimers, nucleotides, enzymes and salts in yields reaching 95 %. No organic extraction and alcohol precipitation are needed and multiple
samples can be easily processed simultaneously.

Features and Benefits

? Spin or vacuum column format
? Remove PCR primers and contaminants
? Stable and consistent result
? Fast and simple : completed just in 5 minutes
? Instant use : No need of additional materials
? High purity : 1.8 ~ 2.0
? Yield : 90 ~ 95 % average (100 bp ~ 10 kb)
? No use of organic solvents
? Applied directly in ligation, automated sequencing, restriction enzyme assay, PCR,
in vitro transcription, hybridization, microarray assay and other enzymatic reactions

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