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Exprep Hybrid-Q Plasmid mini



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? GeneAll ExprepTM Hybrid-Q Plasmid Rapidprep mini




Hybrid-Q Plasmid Rapidprep kit provides two methods for easy and rapid preparation of plasmid DNA from the mini scale bacterial cells. Plasmid DNA can be prepared from up to 10 ml of overnight culture by conventional miniprep method with standard protocol. Alternatively, up to 3 ml of sample can be processed by rapid protocol in just 10 minutes with new patented EzClear filter and simultaneous processing of multiple samples can be easily performed. Up to 30 ? of pure plasmid can be purified using Hybrid-Q Plasmid Rapidprep kit and this pure plasmid DNA is ready for PCR, cloning, fluorescent sequencing, synthesis of labeled hybridization probes, cell transfection, electroporation and enzymatic restriction analysis without further manipulation.

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