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Ribospin II



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Total RNA isolation




GeneAll® Ribospin™ II is devised to purify RNA from cultured cells or animal tissues (~ 30 mg
tissue or ~ 1 x 107
cells). With the GeneAll’s glassfiber membrane technology, highly pure RNA
can be conveniently isolated in less than 30 minutes instead of the time consuming and hazardous
conventional methods which require alcohol precipitation or toxic chemicals such as phenol/chloroform.
The optimized buffer system of GeneAll® Ribospin™ II maximizes the specific binding efficiency
of RNA to the glassfiber membrane but minimizes the contamination of impurities by a series of
optimized wash buffer. Also, the contaminated DNA residues can be easily eliminated during the
preparation by on-column digestion using DNase I included in this kit. Pure RNA which finally prepared
in Nuclease-free water can be applied to the most of downstream application which require
the pure RNA, and this whole procedure can be completely performed at room temperature.
The purified RNA should be treated with care because RNA is relatively unstable and fragile. It
is strongly recommended to store the eluate at 4?C for immediate analysis or at -70?C for longterm
We strongly recommend reading the procedure to using GeneAll® Ribospin™ II.
Features and Benefits
– Simple, 30 minute total RNA extraction from various tissue and cell culture
– on-organic reagents provide safe working environment
– Additional DNase I for on-column treatment
– High yield and purity for downstream applications including RT-PCR

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