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Ribospin Plant



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Total RNA isolation Plant




RibospinTM Plant is specially designed for purification of total RNA from various plant tissues such as leaves, stems, roots and picky plant samples. This kit provides the optimized buffer and spin column, which
is effective in removing polysaccharides and polyphenolic compounds and isolating intact plant RNA. All components of RibospinTM Plant are ready to use, so any further preparation for experiment is not required.
The procedure of RibospinTM Plant begins with the disruption of sample in liquid nitrogen using mortar and pestle. The disrupted sample can be lysed in buffer RPL or REL. In most case, buffer RPL is the best buffer
for lysis. However in some plant samples, solidification of lysate can be occurred with buffer RPL due to endosperm of seed or peculiar metabolites and this can be avoided by using buffer REL as alternative
for buffer RPL. Most impurities except RNA in the lysate are eliminated by filtration through EzPureTM filter and then the passed-through lysate is mixed with ethanol to adjust binding condition. Total RNA including a little impurity is bound to the membrane of spin column type W while the mixture is passing through. Survived genomic DNA can be exterminated by oncolumn DNase I treatment at this step. After a series of washing step
using buffer RBW and RNW, plant total RNA is eluted by RNase-free water. Whole procedure of RibospinTM Plant takes only 25 minutes. The purified RNA is suitable for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, northern blotting and other analytical procedure.

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