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Ribospin Seed / Fruit



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Total RNA isolation Seed / Fruit




RibospinTM Seed/Fruit RNA mini kit is designed for easy and convenient isolation of
total RNA from difficult plant tissues such as seeds, fruits, and rhizomes. Especially,
this kit can remove effectively large quantities of secondary metabolites including
polysaccharides and polyphenolic compounds which can lead to inhibition of
downstream application.
RibospinTM Seed/Fruit RNA mini kit provides two different procedures that are
available for application of various plant tissues as follows: Protocol I for seed
and fruit, Protocol II for starch-enriched grain and rhizome. For efficient RNA
purification, this kit offers optimized lysis system according to the sample type and
adopts EzPureTM filter column to eliminate impurities simply from lysate. Moreover,
contamination of genomic DNA, that causes interference in RNA analysis, can be
excluded by on-column DNase I treatment in these procedures.
The purified RNA is suitable for use in various downstream procedures including
cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, or Nortern blotting.

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