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Thermal Shaker

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– Touch Screen
– Pressure Hot-Lid
– Adjustable Speed
– Changeable Blocks



eTS2000 Thermal Shaker is a commonly used instrument in laboratory. It is widely used in biological engineering, biological laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, cell culture, clinical test, genetic immunity, phytochemistry, health and environmental protection, and sample preservation, incubation, catalytic reaction, DNA cleavage, DNA amplification and enterprise laboratory. Electrophoretic pre-denaturation, serum coagulation, etc. Samples can be heated, constant temperature, oscillation and mixing, and can be automatically run according to the set procedures, eliminating manual operation and monitoring. Users can choose different modules according to the size of the test tube. The block is equipped with pressure hot lid to prevent the test tube cap from popping off, reagent splashing and evaporation during operation.

The instrument is operated by touch screen with simple interface and fast setup. The block has its own pressure hot lid, which can be replaced by bare hands without tools and clamped automatically. Brushless DC motor drive, reliable, long life, maintenance-free, adjustable oscillation frequency. Unique shock absorption design, even in high-speed operation, the instrument is very quiet and smooth.

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